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Some Golden Nuggets...
The ball is in play until the umpire calls "Time". This means that it is possible for a fielding team to get one, two or even three members from the batting team out in one go. For the batting side it also provides an opportunity to run to the next base, a term often referred to as stealing.

When running to 2nd and 3rd bases you must stop on the base. If you touch the base and run past it in order to slow down, the fielding side will have the opportunity to tag you out. If you plan to stop at 1st base, keep to the right - but you can touch this base and then slow down without being tagged out. When running to home - don't slow down!

When using a club supplied glove, find the one which is most comfortable and make a note of its number (on the back of the glove, e.g. H12).  Each time you field try and use the same glove.

Enjoy yourself!

Illustration: Softball Diamond (The Pitch)
The Softball Diamond
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