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how good do I need to be? what should I bring to a session? how do I join? how do I get there?
Well the wait is over and the new softball season has finally arrived. Each Wednesday at 5:30pm, from 16th April until late Autumn the Softball Club meet at IBM Hursley Park's Softball diamond, in the lower sports field. The content of each session is entirely up to the attendees but in the main will comprise a warm-up, followed by a brief practice and then a game.  After the session we retire to the clubhouse for a drink and a chat.

What is softball?
Softball is a variant on the American game of baseball, which has its origins in the English game of rounders. The game is played between two teams and centres around the main playing area known as the diamond. Here at Hursley we play mixed slowpitch softball. Mixed means that the teams comprise both men and women. Slowpitch means that the pitcher (the person who throws the ball to the batter) pitches the ball underarm with a definite arc. So DON'T WORRY: you will not be getting baseball style pitches whizzing towards you when batting.

Hursley Hurricanes President: John Owen
John Owen, Chairman
How good do I need to be?
Softball at Hursley is open to all standards of player, from the novice to experienced alike. Our aim is to help the newcomers to quickly become accustomed to the game, whilst providing a stimulating (and fun) environment in which the more experienced softballers can develop their skills further.

What should I bring to a session?
You'll be provided with all the equipment needed to play--gloves, bats and balls. To enjoy the sessions to their fullest make sure you turn up in trainers and some outdoor exercise gear, such as jogging pants and T-shirts. In addition, bring a baseball cap and sunglasses, in case it is sunny and some drink for consuming during the session.

How do I join the Hursley Hurricanes Softball club?
Membership forms are available on-line or from the treasurer. Membership includes affiliation to the British Softball Federation and insurance cover. For insurance reasons, you must be a member to participate in any league or tournament fixtures. Please complete the form as soon as possible and return it to the address supplied.

[ A rough guide to the rules ]